A Couple Of Senators Talk Some Budget Sense

If you didn’t catch this on CNBC, it’s worth watching. Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Mark Warner discuss the new Obama budget.

Here’s what I found notable:

  • The Obama budget is probably DOA (no surprise there).
  • Coburn went out of his way not to criticize Obama for any lack of boldness or leadership. He gave him a lot of political cover for compromise down the road.
  • Both senators see now as the time for reform on our own terms.
  • Failing reform shortly they seem convinced the markets will impose it.
  • They seem to see the recommendations of the deficit commission as a workable blueprint for reform.
  • They both mention a bipartisan group of 20 or so senators coalescing around many of the ideas of the deficit commission.

After all the carping and partisan blogging over the past couple of days regarding the Obama budget proposal it was encouraging to hear them voice a positive approach to the process.

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