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How Far We Have To Go On Jobs

I’ve  been super-busy with little time to post. I hope to rectify that starting early this week. In the meantime, this from Calculated is the best summation of the current state of the employment market I’ve seen in some time. Forget all of the economists’ blather about structural versus cyclical and blah, blah, blah. […]

Wisconsin’s Governor’s Remarks On The Budget Proposals

I think what’s going on in Wisconsin is pretty important. I haven’t formulated all of my ideas yet, so I’m not going to post on it right now. In the meantime, here is a press conference the Governor held on the issues. It comes from a blog called Powerline via Capital Gains and Games. If […]

A Glimmer Of Light For The Housing Market

It still represents a staggering head wind for the economy, but today’s report from the Mortgage Bankers Association might at least indicate that we are at the end of the worst of the mortgage crisis. First, take a look at this from Calculated (click for a larger image). Overall, the delinquency rate for all […]

A Couple Of Senators Talk Some Budget Sense

If you didn’t catch this on CNBC, it’s worth watching. Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Mark Warner discuss the new Obama budget. Here’s what I found notable: The Obama budget is probably DOA (no surprise there). Coburn went out of his way not to criticize Obama for any lack of boldness or leadership. He gave […]

The New Natural Rate Of Unemployment

One of the ways that government tends to tackle difficult problems is to redefine parameters in a manner that minimizes the problem. Inflation is a good example. Over the years we have seen “refinements” in the metrics used to measure its severity as well as a definition which excludes the inflation rate of certain components […]

Where To Look For A Job

An interesting graph from Mike Mandel. Of course, the fact that education and health care benefit substantially from federal funding has nothing to do with their growth.

Towards A Fannieless Future Or Maybe Not

Well the Obama administration’s proposal(s) for remaking the country’s mortgage finance system has finally arrived. It, to my mind, is both a reminder of the paucity of leadership we currently enjoy as well as an important document around which to frame, hopefully, a private system which delivers unsubsidized mortgages. As with health care, Obama has […]