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The Twilight Of The EU

There was a lot of talk bouncing around the blogosphere the past few days about an apparent move towards closer monetary union among the EU members. Driving that speculation were some comments from Germany’s Finance Minister. Germany is open to a discussion over whether countries that share the euro currency should harmonize their fiscal policy, […]

Is There A Primary Challenger In His Future? Don’t Count On It

It would be a significant understatement to say that President Obama has had a bad Fall. From the disaster of the elections to his bizarre press conference announcing the tax deal to calling in Bill Clinton for support he looks more and more like a man unable to get a grip on the situation much […]

An Interview With Paul Ryan

An interesting interview of Rep. Paul Ryan from the WSJ. He talks about the recent agreement on taxes, the Deficit Commission recommendations (he voted no) and health care. You might find his views on fiscal issues and the 2012 elections particularly intriguing. You can love or hate the guy but you have to pay attention […]