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Real Science Is Still Too Cool

Here’s a reminder that there are a lot of real cool things still going on in the world despite what you normally see reported in the MSM and discussed to oblivion on the blogs: Scientists working on the big bang machine in Geneva have done the seemingly impossible: create, capture and release antimatter. The development […]

The Times Budget Fixing Game

The NYT has a fun, interactive game that lets you fix the budget. Raise taxes, cut spending or mix and match. You probably won’t come up with the ultimate solution but it should give your friends a good idea of your ideological leanings. Consider Arnold Kling’s experience: I played the deficit reduction game at the New York […]

Fixing The Golden State

If you want a bit of light but still somewhat thought provoking commentary, you could do worse than taking a couple of minutes to read Allysia Finley’s recent commentary on the California elections — “California: The Lindsay Lohan Of States.” Among some of the more interesting tidbits she throws out is that despite the mess […]

No Smiling Eyes In Ireland These Days

Irish economist Morgan Kelly’s Op-Ed on is getting lots of play today. In it he puts forth three propositions. The Irish bailed out the European banks by repaying the loans that Irish banks took out with U.K., French and German banks with money borrowed from the ECB. In doing so, Ireland missed the opportunity […]

Pelosi As Democrats’ Sea Anchor

I’ve pretty much refrained from writing about the recent elections, not because I wasn’t tuned in so much as I thought that there was a surplus of information and opinion. Most of what has been written will turn out to be wrong as events shape outcomes in spite of the best attempts of the political […]

The Rat’s Nest That Is GM

Megan McArdle does the math on the government’s investment in GM and concludes that given the pricing of the company’s IPO that we are likely to lose at least $10 billion of the $50 billion or so that we advanced the company. She also does a thought on how we might have more wisely spent […]

Some Thoughts On Divided Government And QE ll

If your eyes start to glaze over this evening during the election returns, here’s a link to what economists think about the prospects of divided government. Given the efficacy of their profession’s advice over the past couple of years I’d recommend taking their prognostications very lightly. And here is a short video with Evan Newmark […]