Real Science Is Still Too Cool

Here’s a reminder that there are a lot of real cool things still going on in the world despite what you normally see reported in the MSM and discussed to oblivion on the blogs:

Scientists working on the big bang machine in Geneva have done the seemingly impossible: create, capture and release antimatter.

The development could help researchers devise laboratory experiments to learn more about this strange substance, which mostly disappeared from the universe shortly after the Big Bang around 14 billion years ago.

Trapping any form of antimatter is difficult, because as soon as it meets normal matter — the stuff Earth and everything on it is made out of — the two annihilate each other in powerful explosions.

We forget sometimes that there is a difference between scientists and social scientists. The latter tend to blog a lot and disagree with each other perpetually while occasionally designing programs that spend a great deal of other peoples money in an effort to prove their guesstimates about how things work. The former admit they don’t have the keys to heaven but go about their business modestly and come up with things like this that probably have more import than the collective postulations of all past and future economists.

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