Pelosi As Democrats’ Sea Anchor

I’ve pretty much refrained from writing about the recent elections, not because I wasn’t tuned in so much as I thought that there was a surplus of information and opinion. Most of what has been written will turn out to be wrong as events shape outcomes in spite of the best attempts of the political class to avert the consequences that will accompany those events.

I will venture one opinion, however. Random discussions that I’ve had since Tuesday as well as just listening to the buzz around me indicates that a lot of the anger that precipitated the changes hasn’t dissipated. If anything, I suspect that the change that was driven by the Tea Party and others may well reinforce the desire and willingness to continue working for fundamental change.

If that’s the case then this, if it occurs, would be about the most tone deaf move that the Democrats could make:

In a letter sent to fellow Democratic lawmakers Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California expresses confidence that she will be elected minority leader and calls for the party to “further modernize” and “communicate” the message that helped them win the House in 2006.

“In the 24 hours since I wrote seeking your views and your vote for Democratic Leader, I have been very gratified by the extensive and enthusiastic support I have received. Many of our colleagues, from all areas of our diverse Caucus, have been generous with their ideas and their support,” Pelosi wrote, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO. “I am grateful for the confidence that has been placed in me to be House Democratic Leader.”

If political suicide is foremost on the minds of the House Democrats then electing this woman as their leader will certainly accomplish the task. She obviously has no clue as to the depth of negative feelings she engenders in a large swath of the population. I find it hard to believe that her fellow travelers are equally deceived.

If she is elected House Democratic Leader it will only confirm that the Progressive wing of the party has fully captured the party. In that case, they can most likely look forward to minority status for some lengthy period of time.

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