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Quit Whining

Louis C.K.’s funny bit on how we bitch about the most amazing things. It’s funny and also a good reminder of what an amazing world we actually live in.

The Democrats Can’t Think Outside Their Box

If you’re looking for a little weekend reading that will challenge you a bit then you could do much worse than Walter Russell Mead’s post on why the Democratic Party’s model won’t work in the 21st Century. He tackles the conundrum as to why at a time of economic distress the Democratic Party’s traditional big […]

A Look Behind Some Of The Unemployment Numbers

By now you all know the employment numbers for September were disappointing to say the least. Unemployment stuck at 9.6% and private sector job growth of 64,000 — not enough to even keep up with population growth. Here’s a link to the WSJ’s roundup of economists’ reactions. But there were a couple of bits of […]