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The Myth Of SEC Underfunding

I was wandering around the web this afternoon and stopped by Rortybomb’s blog for a dose of progressivism. As chance would have it, his most recent post advanced the meme that lack of funding for regulatory agencies factored into the crisis. Ezra Klein and others had a series of posts and twitter exchanges about the increases […]

A “Social Depression” That Only The Fed Can Cure

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is out with a new post suggesting that the US is perilously close to political gridlock which is preventing the Fed from engaging in more QE and putting the country at risk of sliding into a “Japanese trap.” His prescription calls for the Fed to make massive bond purchases but with a twist: […]

Fannie Reembraces Subprime Mortgages

What we’ve learned over the past three years, courtesy of the NYT: When the housing bubble burst, one of the culprits, economists agreed, was exotic mortgages, including those that required little or no money down. But on a recent evening, Matthew and Hannah Middlebrooke stood in their new $115,000 three-bedroom ranch house here, which Mr. […]