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Are The Legal Foreclosure Problems Working In Banks’ Interests?

Hopefully you have been following the tempest in a teapot issue about Ally Bank and now JP Morgan delaying foreclosures because they haven’t dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s or at least did so in a suspect manner. I’m not going to revisit the issues, you can take a look at this from […]

Boomers May Never Give Up

This will no doubt spark more vitriol towards the Boomers. CNBC has a piece that suggests they may never retire. A study of wealthy individuals around the world conducted by Barclays pokes holes in the notion that an individual should stop working at a pre-defined age, as it is more of an illusion than a […]

Financing Green Tech

Felix Salmon thinks William Wild’s proposal for commercial bank financing of renewable-energy projects has merit. I think it’s pretty much illogical. Here is what Wild would do: I suggest that there should be two requirements for renewable generation projects to receive capital subsidies. First, that at least 70% of the project’s commercial capital (excluding the […]

Trashing Currencies

Liam Halligan and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard have two provocative columns this weekend that actually tie together quite nicely. The overall theme is governments debasement of their various currencies as they desperately try to reflate their economies. The lesson might well be buy gold and any other hard asset you can lay your hands on. Halligan takes […]

Obama Gets Tough With The Chinese

Look out! Nothing leads to rash actions faster than a politician who sees his support slipping away. From the NYT: President Obama increased pressure on China to immediately revalue its currency on Thursday, devoting most of a two-hour meeting with China’s prime minister to the issue and sending the message, according to one of his […]

Cash Is King – At Least In One Case

Here’s a bit of a puzzler for you. I took my car in for some needed repairs today and picked it up late, as I was the last customer to get his car back the same day. The owner of the shop checked me out and as I was paying remarked that he was amazed […]

Bonuses Survive Abysmal Performance At CalPERS

It would be easy to go ballistic over this article from CNBC on bonus payments at CalPERS. As its investment portfolio was losing nearly a quarter of its value, the country’s largest public pension fund doled out six-figure bonuses and substantial raises to its top employees, an analysis by The Associated Press has found. Board […]