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Austerity Or Stimulus? The G20 Sparks A Discussion

The tone of the G20 communique on stimulus and sustainability of public finances has sparked a lively debate in the blogosphere. First, here’s the offending language — at least offending to some: The global economy continues to recover faster than anticipated, although at an uneven pace across countries and regions. However, the recent volatility in […]

Beware Of Models

One of the healthier outcomes from the financial crisis was that the scales fell from our eyes when it came to models. Think back to the really good articles and blog posts that exposed the data faults and logical faults of the mathematical models that underpinned the failed strategies of the financial system. We had […]

Not Everyone Has Quit Hiring

From a very good opinion piece in the WSJ on Saturday, here are some thoughts to consider: The increasing size of the federal work force is an early indication of what lies ahead. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the last year the federal government added 86,000 permanent (non-Census) jobs to the rolls. […]