Craig Venter’s Creation


You’re probably familiar with the news that Craig Venter and his colleagues have created the first synthetic cell. In essence, they created life. Here is the link to their press release.

Now, if you want to delve a little more deeply into this, here is a link to an Economist article that covers their feat and talks a lot more about how they did it, what it amounts to, what else is going on here and just generally does a good job of explaining everything in semi-layman’s language.

Finally, if you think that all of this might lead to momentous medical strides and open more doors to curing some of our most vicious diseases then you need to read this Newsweek article. Actually, you need to read it regardless of whether you have an interest in Venter’s discovery. It explains why lots of important work isn’t translating into medical advances with real world applications. It’s a reminder that even though we may be the most evolved species, we seem to have a propensity towards monumental stupidity.

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