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Some Random Thoughts On A Slow Day

Aside from President Obama getting rained out in Chicago and some video feed that purports to be a saw cutting through the riser on the remains of the Deepwater Horizon’s drilling apparatus, there isn’t a whole lot going on in and around this country. Just the way a holiday should be. That gives me the […]

Deepwater Horizon: No Clue How To Stop It And No Clue About The Size Of The Problem has probably as good a summary as anyone about the current state of affairs with the gulf oil well disaster. Unfortunately, the article only serves to underscore the fact that nobody either within BP or the government has any good handle on the situation. Consider the fact that there is really no accurate estimate […]

Europe’s Debt Solutions May Be Superior

From Reuters (link and link) here is some happy talk from Europe about how they’re going to surmount their fiscal problems. France Euro zone trade unions are preparing for possible confrontations in the coming week if governments impose austerity measures or labor reforms unilaterally. But ministers made clear they were ready to take unpopular steps […]

Top Kill Fails. Is A Nuclear Solution Really On The Table?

By now you probably know that BP’s “top kill” operation has failed. There are a lot of different reports about what comes next. Here are a couple of links. One is to the Politico article on the failure and it contains some discussion of the next step. The other is to Business Insider where Joe […]

Getting Boomers To Work Longer

The Economist Free Exchange has an interesting post up about retirement. To some extent it rehashes the arguments about raising the retirement age and the need for individuals to take more ownership of their retirement planning. What was interesting to me was this passage: From a historical perspective the entire retirement concept it is relatively […]

We’ve Missed You Bill. Glad Your Back

As scandals go the “job for Joe Sestak” dustup is pretty small potatoes. Ordinarily it would have disappeared after a couple of news cycles. That it didn’t is testimony to being careful about who you bring into your inner circle. Having that old rascal, Bill Clinton, in the middle of things is what’s giving this […]

Housing Construction: Does It Drive Employment?

Felix Salmon has a very smart take on Representative Brad Miller’s proposal for the federal government to provide loan guarantees for home builders. He gives Miller a chance to state his case and then provides a well reasoned rebuttal. All’s well until the last paragraph of his post: As for the unemployment problem, there’s no […]