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The Best Day Of The Year

The worst of a very bad winter is becoming a memory, the NCAA basketball championship game is tomorrow night, Tiger Woods returns to golf at arguably the best tournament of the year — The Masters –, all is right with the world. Oh yeah, one other thing. The Red Sox and Yankees are playing the […]

Can The Economy Walk On Its Own

Just when you thought it might be OK to come out of the cave, along comes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard to throw cold water on all of the nice economic news that we’ve been enjoying. The first line of his article sums up his view of things pretty nicely: The most audacious monetary experiment in modern history […]

A Free Market Case For Breaking Up The Banks

Arnold Kling makes a compelling case for breaking up the big banks in the interest of furthering free market capitalism. In his article he considers the loss of efficiency that breaking them up might incur as well as the effect on systemic risk, arriving at the conclusion that the adverse consequences of big banks to […]