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Financial Regulation And Goldman: A Couple Of Posts With Original Ideas

Not enough time or energy to come up with anything original, so here are a couple of must reads. First, Tyler Cowen put up a post that I’ll be rereading and thinking about for more than a couple of days. He asks whether it is in fact the banks or the political class that calls […]

Back To The Future. Homebuilders Snapping Up Land

Uh-oh! The New Normal is beginning to look like the Good Old Days. From the WSJ: Foreclosures and depressed prices are still hammering the Phoenix housing market. Yet home builderĀ PulteGroup Inc. this month had to fight off six other bidders to win land in the suburb of Gilbert. In Arizona and across the U.S., home […]

The Biggest Fraud

While various parts of the private economy are vilified, sued and other wise pursued for their part in the meltdown of the American economy, perhaps the biggest sinner of all is attempting to walk away unscathed and maybe pulling it off. I’m talking about the Congress of the United States. Peter Wallison has an interesting […]

Felix Salmon Smacksdown Henry Blodgett

Felix Salmon takes Henry Blodgett to task for his thoughts on Goldman. It’s actually a very good post though Felix is close to falling into the hyperventilation trap that has snared some of his fellow progressive travelers. A little less certainty and a lot less moralizing seems to be in order until there is a […]

A Couple Of Worthwhile Links On Goldman

Henry Blodgett continues his arguments that the SEC case against Goldman is weak and Economics of Contempt concurs, though he thinks Goldman was stupid not to settle early on. I haven’t seen any opinions touting the strength of the SEC’s position, but if I do I will pass it on. In the end, this will […]

Reading Too Much Into The Goldman Affair

OK, I’m going to offer up a couple of comments about the Goldman affair even though there have been far too many pixels killed already. It seems as if the crux of the SEC complaint entails failure to disclose. If that’s the case and nothing further comes to light then it might be considered slimy […]

Questioning The Compassion Of Unemployment Benefits

I’ve only a couple of minutes this evening and I hate writing this but here goes. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time today checking out media comment about the Republican’s blocking another extension of unemployment benefits. For that reason, I’m going to pick on Derek Thompson of the Atlantic who had this to […]