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A Less Hysterical Analysis Of China’s Exchange Rate Policy

I remember reading this piece by Greg Mankiw, and I wish I had thought about it last night when I commented on Krugman’s screed about the yuan. Fortunately, Mankiw linked to it today in response to requests for his thoughts on Krugman’s op-ed. Take the time to read it. It’s chock full of things we […]

A Short Review Of An Interesting Day

Just some quick thoughts on a fairly interesting day. The Dodd Financial Reform Plan It’s out, all 1,300 plus pages. That’s the Chris Dodd blueprint for financial peace in our time. Why oh why do these guys not embrace brevity. Could it be that there are some devils hiding in all of the details? There […]

The Folly Of Regulating Mega Banks

Naked Capitalism has a really good post by Frank Portnoy, a professor at the University of San Diego, that discusses another aspect of the Lehman bankruptcy examiner’s report. He points out that noboby appears able to figure out what Lehman is worth: But an even more troubling section of the Lehman report is not Volume […]

No Apology From Obama For Supreme Court Attack

A couple of the Obama administration’s flacks made the rounds Sunday defending  the President’s remarks towards the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance (link here). That’s entirely appropriate, however, they neglected to apologize as they should for the inappropriate manner and forum in which the remarks were made. I wrote this at that point in […]

Is It Bad Engineering Or Peddle Misapplication?

I’m going to be forced into the market to replace a car soon and selfishly hope that everyone continues to pile on Toyota. The way I figure it, the more they try and trash the company, the lower they drive prices, thus reducing my purchase price. I’ve recently had the opportunity to drive a Prius […]

Friday Failures

It’s been a while since I put up a Friday night post on the week’s bank seizures. They’re isn’t a particular reason other than the fact that the FDIC has been noticeably applying a light touch. This evening brings three new seizures along with one that occurred yesterday, bringing the total for the year to […]

Krugman Smells Victory For Health Care

Paul Krugman posted this chart today. It’s the current Intrade betting on the passage of healthcare. The good professor made these comments: Betting markets don’t have any mystical power, but they do summarize conventional wisdom pretty well; and judging from Intrade, health reform has gone from a long shot to more likely than not. If it […]