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No Quit At The EPA

One has to wonder if the Obama administration is changing its stripes a bit and may be more prepared to fight for its programs. Their renewed commitment to getting healthcare through come hell or high-water is one example and a speech from Lisa Jackson on greenhouse gases is another. The EPA’s threat to regulate the […]

The Looming Fiscal Car Wreck

The WSJ Real Time Economics blog features a nice piece on CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf explaining how we’ve been able to avoid paying for our profligacy so far and why that’s about to change. “The U.S. is entering unfamiliar territory in its level of public debt,” said Mr. Elmendorf. “It will be larger over the […]

The Truth About Obamacares’ Chances Of Passage

From Keith Hennessey, here is his take on the public optimism of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Obama administration display with regard to the vote in the House on Obamacare: Public signs of optimism from the President, his team, and Democratic Congressional leaders tell us little.  We don’t know if they actually think they […]

Is There Hope For A Real Solution In The New Short Sale Plan

Another Monday, another set of plans to straighten out the mess that housing has become. This time, there’s a two pronged approach. Pressure the banks into writing off their second mortgages and get the homeowners to move on via short sales. Here are the details as I see them: All of the parties get some […]