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Buffett On Bank Management

Admittedly I’ve been hit and miss when it comes to posting the past couple of weeks and frankly, I haven’t been able to read as much as usual either. So, when I say that it seems that Warren Buffett’s annual letter seems to have received less play than in the past, it might be that […]

The Bumpy Road Back

February light vehicle sales came in at a SAAR of 10.4 million. A decrease of 3.5% from January. Calculated Risk has a thought to ponder at the end of its post on the numbers (his graphs are as usual the ones to look at): Right now it looks like both seasonally adjusted auto sales and […]

Can Americans Work Longer?

Greg Mankiw posted this chart yesterday. Here are his comments: Americans, as well as citizens of many other advanced nations, now spend about twice as many years in retirement as they did a generation or two ago.  During that time, they expect the government to provide them with income support and healthcare.  Is it any wonder that we face […]