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Inflation May Not Be All That Bad. Really, Trust The Economists

The WSJ Real Time Economics Blog has an interesting post that discusses the possibility that the Chinese will allow inflation to do the same thing essentially that a revaluation of the currency would accomplish. Basically, make goods more expensive relative to their trading partners and thus move towards some sort of adjustment. It makes for […]

How The Politicians Are Solving The Greek Crisis

OK, I can’t resist writing something about Greece. I know you’re about to scream if you have to read one more blog post about the alternatives available to that country or the EU but bear with me for a few paragraphs. If you’re like me, somewhere in the past few weeks you have most likely […]

Ignoring Reality

By all accounts, the US banking crisis is over and done with. There may be a few or more than a few smaller banks that have to be shuttered but it’s mostly just mopping up at this point in time. At least that seems to be the conventional wisdom. Guy Debelle an assistant governor with […]

Let The Foreclosures Proceed

I’ve said on more than one occasion that the eventual outcome of the crises in residential and commercial real estate will end when the government either runs out of fixes that don’t work or tires of throwing good money after bad and permits the market to wash out the excess. Whether we’re at that point […]