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More On The Myth Of Restricted Bank Credit

Here’s a bit more data that would seem to indicate that the availability of bank credit is not the devil it’s made out to be. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Macro blog has conducted another survey of small businesses in its region and comes up with some fairly positive indications that firms in that […]

Why Can’t We Pop The Bubbles

Felix Salmon has a very smart post up today about liquidity and its role in creating bubbles. He quotes from an interview with Roy Smith a former Goldman banker: There is now about $140 trillion in market capitalization in the word’s financial markets looking for investments. That money can now move around very easily. But […]

Where Oh Where Are The Jobs?

The sugar high from the very positive ISM manufacturing report on Monday is fading fast. Blame it on the unemployment numbers. The DOL report showed initial claims increasing by 8,000 to 480,000 and the four week moving average was back up to 468,750 an increase of 11,750. By the way, the four week average has […]