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Obama May Ban Foreclosures, Further Decrees To Follow

Look, I’m not a card carrying member of the Tea Party and I’m not an uber-conservative, but who the Hell does Obama think he is? When did we mutate from a country of laws to one driven by government fiat. OK, I'[m overreacting to this story. It’s from Bloomberg and it goes like this: The […]

The Food Police Give A “Little” On Bake

Not much time tonight but I can’t pass up this one. It comes via Marginal Revolution from the the website Gothamist: Months after it barred schools from holding most food fundraisers, the city says bake sales can go on—as long as no homemade treats with undisclosed calorie counts grace the fold-out tables. The new regulation, designed […]

Consumers Ask – What Recovery?

So, a weak consumer confidence survey confirms what anyone with an ounce of sense and the ability to engage in social conversation with a broad swath of Americans could have told you months ago. A lot of people are hurting and those that aren’t know too many who are and are, therefore, terrified that they […]

Subprime Sovereign Debt

It’s, I think, unlikely that we are going to witness the collapse of the European Union, though the revelations that it wasn’t only Greece which was cooking its government books has ominous implications for just about all of the countries in the EU. An article in the WSJ this evening reveals that the Greeks were […]

Bank Regulation: Obama’s Bad Joke

Only the Congress of the United States is capable of this sort of monumental stupidity. It appears as if the responsibility for running a newly formed council of bank regulators is going to be delegated to the Treasury Secretary. Let me rephrase that. The job of overseeing our financial system is going to be given […]

Inflation May Not Be All That Bad. Really, Trust The Economists

The WSJ Real Time Economics Blog has an interesting post that discusses the possibility that the Chinese will allow inflation to do the same thing essentially that a revaluation of the currency would accomplish. Basically, make goods more expensive relative to their trading partners and thus move towards some sort of adjustment. It makes for […]

How The Politicians Are Solving The Greek Crisis

OK, I can’t resist writing something about Greece. I know you’re about to scream if you have to read one more blog post about the alternatives available to that country or the EU but bear with me for a few paragraphs. If you’re like me, somewhere in the past few weeks you have most likely […]