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What’s The End Game For A Long-Term Recession?

Henry Blodget has a good post with a couple of great graphs addressing the trends in federal revenues and expenditures. I’ll borrow the graphs and then offer a couple of comments: Now, those sorts of numbers have been published before in one form or another but these two do a good job of bringing home […]

The Breakdown Of The American Employment Model

Via the Glittering Eye, I was directed to this post on the breakdown of the American employment model. It’s an inciteful piece of writing that’s going to leave you with a lot to think about. Here is the opening: Here in the quiet precincts of the stately Mead manor in exclusive Queens, as the dew […]

State Of The Union And Other Thoughts

Since I once again didn’t get the chance to blog much this week, I’ll take the lazy man’s option and reprise the events. You gotta start with the State of the Union address. As usual, Obama delivered a masterful speech. He always does. Unfortunately, seventy minutes of great oratory contained little substance. Instead we were […]