Let Them Watch Spring Training (Apologies To Marie Antoinette)


Never let it be said that politicians in Arizona or probably for that matter elsewhere don’t have their eye on the ball. This from the Arizona Republic needs little embellishment:

The City of Mesa is trying to keep the Cubs in town.

The Mesa City Council took the controversial step of agreeing to build the team a brand new spring training facility. The mayor and city council agreed unanimously.

They argued that if they do not build the Cubs the new stadium the team will move to Naples, Florida.

Other say that if Naples wants the Cubs, they can have them.

The new agreement between Mesa and the Cubs calls for the city to replace the Cubs current spring training site with a new $84 million complex which includes a stadium, hotels, and restaurants.

Mesa’s city council unanimously approved building the new Cubs facility but some citizens are not sold on the idea.

The outcome of the actual vote of those who will be taxed to pay for all of this should be interesting. Why do politicians continue to operate in this sort of business as usual manner?

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