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Bonus Fury: Why The Bankers Misread Things

I’ve intended to write something along the lines of ¬†why the banks were so tone deaf that they missed the furor over their bonus payment plans. It’s seemed as if they’ve been out to pick a fight, when all they probably needed to do was lay low this year and then get back to enriching […]

Housing: Recovery Is Hard To Spot In This Sector

As hard as they try, the banks and the Washington establishment seem unable to get a grip on a housing market that continues to spiral downwards. Delinquencies continue to increase while government programs intended to stem the tidal wave appear to be failing miserably. First, consider this from the WSJ. It talks of the dismal […]

Friday Failures

Late again. The FDIC lopped off the heads of three smallish banks on Friday. Here’s the link to their website so you can review the damage at your leisure. The agency seems to be getting up to speed pretty quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a relatively large number of seizures in the early […]