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Look For A Good Employment Report Tomorrow

Obama is scheduled to make an appearance tomorrow with some comments on the economy. That probably means that the employment numbers are going to look good. If that’s the case and we continue to get some good numbers elsewhere do they declare victory and try and move the focus away from the economy? Tomorrow would […]

Where Do Mortgage Interest Rates Go Absent The Fed Training Wheels?

No one covers the residential housing market like Calculated Risk and he has been doing a great job of following what appears to be mounting concern about the Fed withdrawing from the MBS market. Tonight he has a compendium of thoughts on the subject, all verging more or less on terror at the prospect. I’ll […]

Intriguing Thoughts On Keynesianism And Monetarism

Rolfe Winkler noted a couple of days ago that he would feature a debate on his Reuters blog between Warren Mosler and Jim Rickards. His plan was for the two to discuss from somewhat different positions how to go about fixing the economy. Frankly, I wasn’t terribly intrigued by the idea. After reading Rickards post […]