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The Inflation Option

I found this at the Economist’s Free Exchange really interesting. [B]etween 1946 and 1955, the debt/GDP ratio was cut almost in half. The average maturity of the debt in 1946 was 9 years, and the average inflation rate over this period was 4.2%. Hence, inflation reduced the 1946 debt/GDP ratio by almost 40% within a […]

Friday Failures

Six sevenĀ banks were taken down by the FDIC this Friday. Here is the link to the FDIC website so you can read the horror stories at will. I suspect that this might be the end of the line for this year. Given that the next two Fridays are holidays and the Thursdays preceding them are […]

The Real Story On The Unemployment Numbers

I suppose you can file this one under do you “believe your lying eyes” or government statistics. The WSJ reports that, “Just eight states recorded a rise in the unemployment rate for November, signaling the pain in the U.S. labor market may finally be abating.” They published this chart from the BLS to support that […]