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DeLong-Recovery Necessitates Enriching The Bankers

Brad DeLong argues that propping up asset prices and making bankers rich is the strategy that will lead us out of this wilderness. The second is to persuade the private sector to boost its spending. It is to use the government indirectly‹by making households feel that they are richer and can spend more; making businesses […]

Let’s Apply Commercial Real Estate Failure Procedures To Residential

This is a story you’ve read before and will undoubtedly read many times more in the next few years. It’s about Tishman Speyer Properties and its joint venture partner walking away from Playa Vista, a raw land play in Los Angeles they entered into in 2007. The WSJ has the details and you can click […]

EOC Takes On The Lynch Amendment

By all means read Economics of Contempt’s most recent post on clearinghouses. It’s a great tutorial on how they work in which he demonstrates why the Lynch amendment limiting swap dealers from owning more than 20% collectively of a derivatives clearinghouse is simply uninformed legislation. Be sure and read the comments as well as they […]