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Goldman’s Tentacles Reached Deeply Into AIG

Uh-Oh. The WSJ is out with an article on Goldman, AIG , mortgages, CDOs, CDS, subprime underwriting and just about any other damning term you want to insert. I need some time to think about the whole thing and see if there’s a way to keep taking Goldman’s side, but this one looks a bit […]

Friday Failures And Why We Don’t Need Anymore Small Banks

The FDIC took down three this afternoon. Here is the link to their website which prominently features the victims so you can zero in on the disaster you want to review. All of the failed institutions were pretty small fish which gives me the opportunity to launch into an idea that’s been rattling around in […]

Say Goodbye To Cap And Trade Legislation

As President Obama prepares to commit the US to a reduction in carbon emissions at the Copenhagen conference the prospects of any meaningful legislation to do so appears to be quickly diminishing. Kimberley Strassel’s opinion column in the WSJ today discusses brilliantly how badly team Obama has played the game in Washington. She dissects the […]