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It’s Employment, Stupid

Ed Harrison has a good post up at Naked Capitalism that covers a lot of ground relative to jobs, deficits, the Obama administration and just the overall bad trend of policy. I recommend that you read the whole thing but I was taken by this little piece: In particular, a looming crisis at the state and […]

Giving Temps A Break

Jake has a nice post on the relationship between temporary hiring and its relationship to payrolls. Here is his graph: And he comments: This cycle may be slightly different as employers delay the full-time hiring due to uncertainty and quite frankly an ability to get top talent “on the cheap” on a temporary basis. Still, […]

A Critique Of Contrarianism

It rarely pays to be contrarian. For the most part trends go in the same direction for some time – that’s why they’re called “trends”.  Whether it’s real estate prices, credit card debt, Treasury issuance, or Croc sales, they can continue along implausibly for far longer than you might think, sane and right-thinking and sober-minded […]