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AmTrust’s Peculiar Buyer

The WSJ has a pretty good article on the failure of AmTrust. Frankly, it reads like a reprise of the S&L days, replete with indecision on the part of the regulators, asset valuations that make no sense and political interference. Once upon a time politicians were punished for interfering in this manner. I’ll let you […]

Friday Failures

Six banks were put out of their misery today. Here is the link to the FDIC home page. I don’t know why I kept posting a link for each bank when this works just as well and you can go and figure out exactly which failure interests you. Slow learner, I guess. Anyway, the big […]

The Surprising BLS Report

In the spirit of the season I won’t go all Scrooge on the employment report (BLS link). Everyone else seems willing to accept it as good news, so I see no reason to quibble. But! It seems a little too good to be true. The headline numbers were a decrease in the unemployment rate to […]