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Only A Couple More Years Of Suffering Per Goldman

This post from James Pethokoukis at Reuters is short, to the point and worth two minutes of your time. He cites a Goldman economic forecast and provides some good political analysis as to its implications. From his post: The key features of our 2011 outlook: (1) a strengthening in growth from 2.1% on average in […]

Can Goldman’s Shareholders Rein In The Squid?

Maybe this represents progress, maybe it’s just a fad that gives way to business as usual in a year or so. According to the WSJ, Goldman Sach has been engaging some of its shareholders in a discussion about the firm’s compensation policies and, naturally, defending the status quo. The article seems to intimate that there […]

A New American Ruling Aristocracy?

Here’s a link to a post that will at least make you think about power and the trend towards its distribution in the U.S. The author contends that we may be on the cusp of ceding control of the country both politically and economically to a new ruling class. I’ll let you make your own judgements. […]