Interested In The Health Care Debate? Then Read Keith Hennessey!

I’m bushed tonight so no long blogging but I did want to remind you of the best source in the entire blogosphere from which to follow the health care debate.

It’s Keith It’s true that Hennessey comes from a Republican background but for my money he’s the most unbiased writer on the subject around. He sticks to the facts, employs impeccable logic and points out the longer term implications of what’s transpiring.

Just bookmark him or put him in your reader and you’ll have a great base of information from which to decipher the real game that’s being played. The link above is to his latest post but I recommend that you go back and read a few of the others he’s written over the past few days.

I particularly recommend that you read this post. His analysis of the long-term implications of the proposed change in Medicare withholding to make it progressive is particularly important.

While I’m recommending health care posts, check out this one by Megan McArdle. It’s a fine analysis of one segment yet makes a most important point about the legitimacy of the claims of those who now propose a new health care system

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