A Critique Of The Health Care Debate

health care

I noted yesterday that most of the debate in the MSM and the blogosphere on the subject of health care reform seems to have denigrated to the level of rationalization for a failing Congressional effort on the Left and nothing but politically motivated criticism from the right.

An article by Jeffrey Flier, the dean of the Harvard Medical School, in the WSJ today raises the level of discussion and is well worth a read. His conclusion that whatever bill does emerge is just the beginning and not the end of a complete overhaul of the health system in this country is the devil that neither party dares disclose to the electorate.

So the majority of our representatives may congratulate themselves on reducing the number of uninsured, while quietly understanding this can only be the first step of a multiyear process to more drastically change the organization and funding of health care in America. I have met many people for whom this strategy is conscious and explicit.

We should not be making public policy in such a crucial area by keeping the electorate ignorant of the actual road ahead.

Take a look at his article for some rare straight talk on this subject.

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