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Housing’s Still In The Woods

Anyway you slice it or try and put a happy face on it, the news on housing over the past few days has been pretty sobering. I don’t take the decline in housing starts as all that bad a development, the last thing the markets need is more supply, but the decline in mortgage applications […]

A Second Stimulus Needs To Take A Different Form

Felix Salmon seconds Paul Krugman’s contention that the AIG bailout and bank bailouts in general have confused and soured the populace on any further stimulus bill. I think that’s just part of the burr under the saddle of the electorate. Here are a couple of other things that people are chafed about. It was one […]

A Critique Of The Health Care Debate

I noted yesterday that most of the debate in the MSM and the blogosphere on the subject of health care reform seems to have denigrated to the level of rationalization for a failing Congressional effort on the Left and nothing but politically motivated criticism from the right. An article by Jeffrey Flier, the dean of […]