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The U.S. As A Developing Country Manufacturer

Make of this what you choose. From the NYT: Suntech Power, China’s largest solar panel manufacturer, plans to open its first American plant near Phoenix, the company announced on Monday. The plant is to begin production in the third quarter of 2010 and will initially employ 75 people, probably rising over time to 200, according […]

Does The Government Really Know The Economic Numbers?

A couple of articles that highlight disparities in the official government statistics on some fairly important economic gauges caught my eye today. Let me offer you a couple of excerpts as well a a thought or two. First, Ed Harrison’s always informative Credit Writedowns did a nice job highlighting some of John Mauldin’s recent thoughts. […]

Don’t Rule Out A Trade War Yet

When time permits I read a lot of blogs. When it’s tight I make sure to visit a couple selected sites. One is Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism. I frequently disagree with her and she often sets my blood boiling but she never fails to get past the trivial and key in on real issues. Her […]