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Give Lewis A Break

This is old news but I wanted to throw out a couple of thoughts about Ken Lewis and his impending departure. I have no great admiration for the guy nor do I think he particularly deserves a whole lot of sympathy but I do think that some of the vitriol that has been directed his […]

Will Phoenix Recover This Time?

Regular readers of this blog know that I live in Phoenix and have tried from time to time to portray the devastation that the recession has wreaked on this city. An article today on Bloomberg does as good a job and probably better than I have in numerous posts of conveying the chaos. Here is […]

What Recovery?

Hell of a recovery, isn’t it? Let’s see. Auto sales as predicted plunge after the artificial C4C stimulus, ISM falls short of expectations, personal consumption expenditures are up but throw out auto purchases and it doesn’t look all that great and the unemployment numbers went the wrong way. Want to look on the bright side? […]