Friday Failures


Well despite the Obama plan to dole out TARP money to suspect small banks it looks as if Sheila the Bair has not been dissuaded from her quest to cleanse the country of failing banks. Here are the links to a busy Friday for the FDIC.

First DuPage Bank, Westmont, Illinois

Riverview Community Bank, Ostego, Missesota

Bank of Elmwood, Racine, Wisconsin

Hillcrest Bank Florida, Naples, Florida

Flagship National Bank, Bradenton, Florida

American United Bank, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Partners Bank, Naples, Florida

Not a bad days work for the green eye shade crowd. Just for the sake of marking important milestones, Partners Bank has the dubious distinction of being the 100th failure this year. I’m not sure how they can memorialize that achievement but let’s not let it pass unnoticed.

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