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Friday Failures

Back by popular demand is the ever popular Friday Failures, in which I chronicle the Friday flight of Sheila Bair as she swoops into cities throughout the land and summarily closes recalcitrant banks. Tonight we have three. Here are the links: Southern Colorado Bank, Pueblo Colorado Jennings State Bank, Spring Grove, Minnesota Warren Bank, Warren, […]

Give Lewis A Break

This is old news but I wanted to throw out a couple of thoughts about Ken Lewis and his impending departure. I have no great admiration for the guy nor do I think he particularly deserves a whole lot of sympathy but I do think that some of the vitriol that has been directed his […]

Will Phoenix Recover This Time?

Regular readers of this blog know that I live in Phoenix and have tried from time to time to portray the devastation that the recession has wreaked on this city. An article today on Bloomberg does as good a job and probably better than I have in numerous posts of conveying the chaos. Here is […]