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Stimulus, Recovery And Politicians

There seems to be a lot of agreement that the positive GDP report for Q3 was in retrospect not as positive as the headline number might lead one to assume. Coupled with the disappointing personal income data on Friday as well as the sales numbers and many seem to have concluded that we’re still deeper […]

Friday Failures

An interesting development this evening. The FDIC seized nine banks which are all a part of a holding company in Oak Park, Ill. Here is a link to the WSJ article on the demise of these institutions as well as a link to the FDIC website. There isn’t any mystery about the failure of this […]

Very Random Musings

Well, someone pointed out to me that I still appear to be somewhat hacked. I think that’s akin to being slightly pregnant. Just ignore the ads that seem to point to Canadian drugs and Viagra. I don’t know for sure but I suspect that the Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi might be behind all of […]

Friday Failures

Well despite the Obama plan to dole out TARP money to suspect small banks it looks as if Sheila the Bair has not been dissuaded from her quest to cleanse the country of failing banks. Here are the links to a busy Friday for the FDIC. First DuPage Bank, Westmont, Illinois Riverview Community Bank, Ostego, […]


Hi there. I haven’t given up on blogging but I did have my blog hacked. Stopped me from doing anything. Anyway, I’m up and running again and infused with a new resolve to get some things off my chest. Check back tomorrow and from then on and I promise to get back to regular posts.

Real Estate And Washington Follies

Finally a little bit of time and the energy to post. It won’t be much tonight but I plan to start being a lot more rigorous about getting at least a post a day up. Big surprise, the FDIC didn’t shut anyone down today. I doubt they’ve run out of candidates. Maybe money and they […]

Friday Failures

Back by popular demand is the ever popular Friday Failures, in which I chronicle the Friday flight of Sheila Bair as she swoops into cities throughout the land and summarily closes recalcitrant banks. Tonight we have three. Here are the links: Southern Colorado Bank, Pueblo Colorado Jennings State Bank, Spring Grove, Minnesota Warren Bank, Warren, […]