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Well I’m back–sort of. Posting will resume albeit in a slightly different manner.

Let me explain.

Early this month two unmomentous events occurred. One, I found myself seriously broke and two I came to the conclusion that despite increasing readership and syndication of my posts, I was writing a lot of serious crap. I was basically putting up posts for the sake of putting up posts and most of them were just rehashes of the news of the day.

So, given that jobs are scarce as hens teeth and even more so when you happen to be of a certain age with too many qualifications, and given that my body does require food I have spent the past three weeks driving a cab. I’ll probably write more on this experience later (it may even become a separate blog) but for the time being suffice it to say that I have had no time for posting.

Given that turn of events, I decided to take a complete vacation from the blogosphere. I don’t recommend that in case you’re interested. Last night when I logged on and started trying to somewhat catch up on what I missed, I felt like I had returned to a comfortable old chair. Reading Felix Salmon, Clusterstock, Calculated Risk, Bronte Capital and a couple of other favorites was akin to sitting down in a pub and sharing a good glass of wine with some old friends.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem as if the world has changed all that much in the interim. Banks are still failing, the FDIC is still going broke, the big banks are beating back Washington as expected and on and on. Everyone seems to be looking for signs of the big recovery and those signs still seem to be scant at best. The housing market is getting better unless you happen to play in the high priced market which is still a disaster.

I rather expect that I’ll be writing about some of these things as well as the other topics du jour, hopefully I am going to get back to doing so with a bit more thought than I had come to use. Don’t look for as much reporting the news as trying to make some sense out of it.

Until I do manage to find an employer that I don’t scare the bejesus out of, I’ll be pushing around my trusty taxi, so posting is not going to be heavy but it will with luck be regular. Since I have been out of the loop for so long, if I do write something that is grossly off target due to information I missed during the sabbatical, I hope that you will all be both forgiving and understanding.

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