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Friday Failures

Five is the count for today. Not bad for the beginning of a holiday weekend. Here are the links: First State Bank, Flagstaff, Arizona Platinum Community Bank, Rolling Meadows, Illinois Vantus Bank, Sioux City, Iowa InBank, Oak Forest, Illinois First Bank of Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri Just a bunch of small banks in the […]

Private Sector Job Growth Negative For The Last Ten Years

BusinessWeek’s economist, Michael Mandel, continues with his discussion of private sector job growth for the last ten years. The bad news? A month or so ago it was trending towards zero. Today it managed to get there. That’s right, for the past ten years we have lost more jobs in the private sector than were […]

Is FHA The Next Disaster?

The Wall Street Journal article about FHA’s declining reserve problem sparked a lot of comment today. The Journal said that FHA was in danger of falling below their 2% reserve requirement and FHA said that wasn’t the case at all. From the Journal: In the past two years, the number of loans insured by the […]

Geithner’s Plan For Bank Regulation

Among the problems that crop up with the innumerable proposals for reregulating the banks on the blogosphere and in the MSM is that they too often ignore the political realities that have to be factored into any workable plan. Not that many don’t have merit, just that they are practically impossible. The administration and Treasury […]

August Unemployment Rate Up To 9.7%

OK, it’s the first Friday of the month, time for the unemployment numbers. The headline number was an increase in the unemployment rate to 9.7% from 9.4% in July. The number of jobs lost was 216,000 which marks a continuing improvement in that area but the number of jobs lost in June and July was […]