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Quit Passing Laws And Enforce The Ones On The Books

This is the best blog post that I have seen in a long time. It comes from the Glittering Eye, a blog I highly recommend to you if for no other reason than the author eschews dogmatism, partisan politics and all other manner of bias in favor of just getting at the common sense of […]

The Latest From Bill Gross

Maybe it’s the dog days of August but Bill Gross’s latest missive seems a bit repetitive. Entertaining as always but more of the same talk about the “new normal” Gross makes the point again that deleveraging, deglobalization and reregulation are the three horsemen of the apocalypse that will lead us to decades of slow growth […]

Do We Want The Government Standing Behind Fannie And Freddie Forever?

Is this a good idea? From Reuters: The U.S. Mortgage Bankers Association said on Wednesday it will ask Congress to transform mortgage lenders Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac into several smaller, privately held companies that would issue mortgage securities with a government guarantee. The proposed framework from the industry group would give successor entities to Fannie […]