August Auto Sales Predictably Up

As expected C4C goosed auto industry sales in August. Sales in that month equate to a seasonally adjusted rate of around 14 million. That actually is at the lower end of the boost that was expected. Some have raised their expectations of full-year sales from a shade below 10 million units to 10 million or a bit above.

Here are some of the individual manufacturers’ results. Note all figures compare August 2008 with August 2009.

Ford                                    +17%

GM                                      -20%

Chrysler                              -15%

Hyundai                              +47%

Honda                                 +10%

Toyota                                 +6%

Nissan                                 -3%

The industry contends that the results misrepresent the strength August. They say that August of last year was a particularly strong month and that makes the YOY comparison look weaker. I’ll take them at their word but the real test is going to be the rest of the year. How much future demand did C4C steal is the question.

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