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Investors Fleeing Cerberus

I guess this isn’t a big surprise but probably worth noting anyway and I do have an ulterior motive for writing this post which I shall divulge at the end. At any rate, Cerberus, the giant operator of hedge funds not the mythical dog, is watching its investors leave in droves. Here is how the […]

Who Should Be The Regulatory Top Cop?

Felix Salmon has a particularly good post up this morning about bank regulation. He points to an article in the Guardian discussing the remarks of Adair Turner, the head of Britain’s financial watchdog agency, in which he essentially said that the financial services industry is too big and most of what it does is socially […]

An Engineering Solution To Global Warming

Via the Glittering Eye, here is a thought provoking paper from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers on some alternative methods for reducing carbon dioxide. The authors propose the development of several technologies the most interesting of which is artificial trees to capture and sequester carbon dioxide. The trees can be located anywhere and essentially employ […]

Political Quotes Of The Week

Slipping into Saturday morning blogging easily, here are the political quotes of the week from As usual a couple teasers: “Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope.” –Rep. Lynn Jenkins, in response to a question about the future of the GOP. It feels a bit like 9/11 on Martha’s Vineyard.” […]

Friday Failures

Only three banks went down this Friday. Do you think that having let the private equity guys see the brass ring that Sheila is now teasing them a little by holding back on some of the bigger prizes? Anyway, here are the links. Affinity Bank, Ventura, California Main Street Bank, Forest Lakes, Minnesota Bradford Bank, […]

Luxury Homebuilder Toll Brothers Shows Some Surprising Strength

One of the most common bits of conventional wisdom surrounding the housing crisis has been that the upper end of the market was just beginning to tank and would suffer for some time. The logic behind the argument is that with the destruction of equity that’s occurred there is and would continue to be a […]

Fed President Lacker Suggest It May Be Time To Back Off On QE

This is interesting. Richmond Fed President, Jeffrey Lacker, is out today with comments suggesting it might be time for the Fed to start pulling back a bit. From Reuters: The U.S. economy appears to have stabilized and may not need all the stimulus the central bank had planned to offer, Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President […]