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How Quickly Things Change

Floyd Norris has a nice, short little piece in The New York Times today that points out the perils of predicting the future. Which of the following would have seemed most unreasonable to most people as a forecast in November 2005? 1. The next president would be a black man. 2. The next time home […]

Constitutional Problems With Health Care

The Washington Post has an interesting opinion piece that asks if Congress can constitutionally mandate the purchase of health insurance. The authors’ opinion is they cannot. President Obama has called for a serious and reasoned debate about his plans to overhaul the health-care system. Any such debate must include the question of whether it is […]

Political Quotes Of The Week

From, the political quotes of the week and here are a couple of samples: “Michelle Obama: The Shorts Heard Round the World” — A headline in TIME magazine following the first lady’s decision to — gasp! — wear shorts. “I know George Bush, and he’s no Barack Obama.” — Vice President Joe Biden, at a fundraiser