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TBW And The GSE’s Have A Long And Checkered History

I’m setting myself up to be able to say I told you so on the Taylor, Bean & Whitaker/Colonial failures. There is just something that stinks to high heaven about the way these two have imploded. They were joined at the hip and there is a smell of fraud that keeps getting more pungent day […]

“Cash For Appliances”: Get Ready To Dump That Old Fridge

Earlier today Michael Mandel. BusinessWeek’s economist, proposed with his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek a “cash for clunker computers” program. Here is the gist of his proposal: What we need is a new government program: “Cash for Clunker Computers”. All you people with old Gateways and IBM Thinkpads in your attic or closet need […]

IMF: Recovery Will Most Likely Not Be Robust

Olivier Blanchard, an IMF economist, has some interesting thoughts on recovery. His position is that, if history is any guide, economic growth will be permanently impaired as a result of the recession. All this means that we may not go back to the old growth path, that potential output may be lower than it was before the […]

“Cash For Clunkers” Ending Soon

You know it’s a slow news day when you stoop to reporting that the C4C program is going to be wound down. The program was supposed to end after September 7 but may be terminated sooner. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, said he would announce in two days the exact termination date as well as how […]

C4C Best Sellers

This list from the Big Picture shows the top 10 cars purchased under the C4C program. 1. Toyota Corolla 2. Honda Civic 3. Ford Focus 4. Toyota Camry 5. Toyota Prius 6. Hyundai Elantra 7. Ford Escape (front-wheel-drive) 8. Honda Fit 9. Nissan Versa 10. Honda CR-V (four-wheel-drive) Note that there are no GM or […]