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The Left Is Not Going To Give Up On The Public Option

Ezra Klein who blogs for the Washington Post and I couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the political spectrum. Nevertheless, I read his blogs because they provide as good a preview of the Left’s position on health care as you are likely to find. I found this on his blog today quite interesting. You […]

How Vermont Avoided The Mortgage Meltdown

If you want a preview at what might be the future of housing in this country then take a look at this story from the Wall Street Journal. They spotlight Vermont, a state with tough mortgage lending laws and coincidentally or not the one state that’s riding out the real estate bust better than any […]

Cool Link

A reader sent me this link. It’s a pretty neat interactive chart that let’s you pull up GDP per capita for a large number of different countries. You can group them pretty much as you would like. Give it a try and you might want to bookmark it. If nothing else, it’s a good way […]

Fed Says Banks Continue To Tighten Lending Standards

Banks aren’t loosening their purse strings at all. In fact, it looks like they’ve decided to put their pocket books away for the foreseeable future. The Fed’s quarterly report on bank lending standards was released today and it confirms what just about everyone knows, the banks are getting stingier. Here are some details from MarketWatch: […]