More On The Extra Planes That Congress Ordered

Remember my post about Congress larding up the Pentagon’s request for new corporate jets which it just so happens Congress gets to use? Well, the Pentagon is pushing back.

From MarketWatch:

“Whether the funding is added to the budget or taken from somewhere else, it ultimately comes out of things that we believe are more important,” said Geoff Morrell, a Pentagon spokesperson. “And once we get saddled for additional planes we didn’t ask for, then we have to find where in the budget we can cut to fund their operations.”

It does seem that at a time when money is tight and we are engaged in two relatively hot conflicts, spending scarce funds to expand this fleet is of dubious value. Moreover, it certainly doesn’t present the members of the club on the Hill in a great light. In all fairness, you may want to read the entire article as it points out some cost savings that will accrue over time as a result of buying the new planes.

Update: 4:30 PM — The WSJ is flashing a banner that says the House will now drop funding for these new planes.

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