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Pharma’s Deal With The White House

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal ran an editorialal that dissected the deal that big Pharma made with the White House. The essence of it was that their pledge to reduce costs by $80 billion was part of a deal with the Obama administration that capped their “sacrifice” at the $80 billion level. In […]

Maguire Properties Mailed In The Keys To Seven Buildings

Maguire Properties, one of the largest office owners in Southern California is throwing in the towel on seven office buildings. From the WSJ: Maguire Properties Inc., one of the largest office-building owners in Southern California, is planning to hand over control of seven buildings with some $1.06 billion in debt to creditors, the latest sign […]

States See Gambling Revenue Tumble

Add this to the budget woes of the states. Their take from taxes on gambling have taken a nose dive. Overall, tax revenue contributed by commercial casinos was down 2.2% to $5.7 billion in 2008. Revenues from gambling have been a big source of revenue for the states. From 1998 to 2008 revenues from all […]

Political Quotes Of The Week

Here is the usual Sunday rundown of political quotes from A couple teasers: “I offered to get his kids into Harvard, if he doesn’t arrest me ever again.” –Henry Louis Gates, Jr., on his “Beer Summit” with Sgt. Joseph Crowley. “Looking trim and summer like in a khaki suit…” –Washington Post reporter Michael Fletcher, […]

The Paulson Phone Calls

Gretchen Morgenson jumps on the “Goldman as the root of all evil” train today in the New York Times. Her take on the theme is that Henry Paulson had inappropriate contact with Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s CEO, during the credit crisis. Ms. Morgenson uses phone records that The Times obtained which show that Paulson talked more […]