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Another Term For Bernanke?

The debate about whether Ben Bernanke should get another term as Chairman of the Fed is starting to heat up. Today in the New York Times, Nouriel Roubini came out in favor of four more years. From the Times: LAST week Ben Bernanke appeared before Congress, setting off a discussion over whether the president should […]

A Couple Comic Views Of Current Topics

Political Quotes Of The Week

A couple of’s quotes of the week: “I have almost all the confidence in the world that whatever I say is not going to make the news tonight.”–White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, opening up his first press briefing after Obama’s prime-time press conference remark that Cambridge police acted “stupidly” in arresting Harvard Professor […]

Arizona Revokes Some Homeowners’ Foreclosure Protection

One of the reasons it’s so easy to walk away from the debt you owe on a home is that the lenders in many states are precluded from coming after you for any loss that they suffer when they foreclose and resell the home. It’s called anti-deficiency protection and to a lot of peoples’ surprise […]

Is The Credit System Broken?

Cash strapped American consumers are increasingly walking away from their obligations. It started with houses that they couldn’t afford and now it’s spreading to other types of debt. From the NYT: Those on the front lines of the debt industry say there is a small but increasingly noticeable group of strapped consumers who, like Ms. […]