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Larry Summers: Did He Or Did He Not Tank Harvard’s Endowment?

If you haven’t read the story on the Harvard interest rate swaps here is the link to Nina Munk’s story in Vanity Fair. The developing pissing match in the blogosphere centers on an interest rate swap that cost Harvard big money to unwind. There seems to be a movement afoot to lay this at the […]

Buffett Bests Geithner On Goldman Investment

I hope Tim Geithner isn’t letting his ego run away with him over the return that he made on the government’s Goldman stake. It’s chump change compared to what Warren Buffett made on his investment. From the NYT: Mr. Buffett’s stake in Goldman is now worth $9.1 billion, or about $4.1 billion more than what […]

UPS Earnings Plunge And They Don’t See Much Recovery Yet

There are a couple of companies in this country that possess as much real time economic intelligence as any government agency. One I Walmart and the others are UPS and FedEx. You can save yourself a lot of time researching economic trends if you just listen to what they say and what kind of numbers […]

Economists’ React To The Housing Numbers

From the Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics blog, here are some selected comments from economists regarding today’s housing news. With some caveats, this group seems to view the report or more appropriately the reports of the past few months in a fairly positive light. I’m not convinced, but maybe I am just gun shy […]

Gasparino Goes After Some Bloggers

Charlie Gasparino picks up on Dennis Kneale’s rant about anonymous bloggers. As I’ve written before (link here) I agree completely. Anonymous bloggers aren’t good for blogging.

Data: Existing Home Sales – New Unemployment Claims

The NAR reported that existing home sales increased 3.6% June over May. Unit sales in June were 4.89 million versus 4.72 million in June. Inventory fell to 3.82 million which represents a 9.4 month supply. Nothing here to knock your socks off but by the same token we are at least moving up. Hey, any […]